About Peter

Peter was someone that if you had met him, you would not forget. He loved God, family, and friends with all his heart. He was a hard worker and had a deep love and commitment to his family. He loved people and would do anything for them and sacrifice everything he had if he thought it would help someone.

Peter had an innocent soul and a childlike faith in God that was the most beautiful thing to experience. With that kind of special faith, it empowered him to love so completely, fully, and with his whole heart. Peter would reach out to anyone and he didn’t care what they looked like or what their sins were. He even reached out to those who had hurt him badly. You could call him naive but I call him a man full of grace and forgiveness.

Peter was making plans and preparing to go to Bible College after the holidays were over. On New Years Eve, December 31st , 2017 he was with friends in the woods, and got lost with temperatures below freezing for several days. We found him three days later, but he was already safe and warm in the arms of Jesus experiencing fullness of joy! Peter left this world and is living in God’s presence, and that is right where he always wanted to be.

Peter’s genuine love for people will be his lasting legacy. So go and #lovelikepeter did. Love unconditionally. Love outrageously. Love endlessly. And even though Peter would be thrilled that people would look to him as an example of love, I know he would challenge us to not love like him, but to love even greater. Love like Jesus.

So here is our challenge to #lovelikepeter and more importantly, love like Jesus.

We believe that Peter would love it if we challenged all who are touched by his story to pick up where he left off and accept the challenge of loving unselfishly, loving blindly to all people. Like Peter, let’s challenge ourselves to be childlike in trusting God with our love and service.

Let this hashtag symbolize and commemorate his beautiful life inspiring us to do the same. #lovelikepeter. Share it. Live it. Pass it on. Write about it. Tweet it. Post on Facebook about it. Instagram it.

Peter's House

To remember Peter’s life the family is asking those who want to give or do something, to not send flowers but to make a donation to “Peter’s House.”

Peter’s House will be a small guesthouse built on The Mission Church/school property in Haiti. This house will be used for the sole purpose of housing individuals and mission teams that come to minister the beautiful people of Haiti.

Peter was planning to go to Haiti and stay a few months before his commission to Bible College, but there were no accommodations for him. He suggested the idea of a house, so that he and others could stay for prolonged periods of time. This is the inspiration for Peter’s House.

At the age of twelve, Peter went on his first mission trip to Haiti with his uncle and fell in love with the people and the children of Haiti. He was a big hit! The children and Pastors ask about him to this day! He also preached his first powerful sermon right there in Haiti.

WOW! What a great way to remember Peter through having a guesthouse that will serve generations to come in Haiti with the name being, “Peters House.” Peter’s story will be documented and on display at the house so that everyone will know that the house came up out of the ground because of his precious and beautiful life.


Stay tuned for update and developments as Peter’s House gets underway.

Donate to Peter's House